Not the most fun part of learning French but you can’t really do without it!
So today I’ll explain how it works.

First, you have to understand how to use the personal pronouns. The what?
Personnal pronouns: je, tu, il/elle, nous vous, ils/elles
We have more in French than in English.

Je = I                                                   Nous = We
Tu = You informal & singular                 Vous = You plural or You formal
Il = He / Elle = She                               Ils = They masculine / Elles = They feminine


Let’s have a look at this two videos for more details:


Now that you’ve understood how the pronoms personnels work let’s see how to conjugate a verb from the first group (premier groupe) all verbs ending with -ER will all follow the same conjugaison except ALLER.

What first group verbs do you know?
Yes ! Écouter, habiter, travailler, manger, aimer etc.

Let’s watch this video for more details:



Bon apprentissage !